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  • The sessions scheduled for Monday, May 30 and Tuesday 31 have been moved - due to force majeure - to Monday, June 13 and Tuesday 14 June.
  • As a result of an agreement with the organization of the ARTIIS Conference, the participants in the workshop are invited to submit proposals for articles to be published in a monograph of Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) (indexed in Scopus, DBLP...). Abstract proposal deadline: June 20, 2022

The Workshop

León & Madrid (Spain) | May 24-31, 2022

In order to address the existential threats that our contemporary societies are facing, such as climate change, the increase of inequality, armed confrontations, migratory tensions… we urgently need to bridge scientific disciplines beyond the reach of specialised science. The complexity of the problems at stake does not admit to break them down into problems of simplicity. When we try to do it, we turn our backs to fundamental relations that are invisible to the specialised gaze because they simply cross the boundaries of their observation objects. Without those relations, the reality to be addressed simply vanishes. All in all, we cannot cope with complexity unless we are capable to join disciplinary knowledge.

The glossaLAB workshop, committed to underpin transdisciplinary approaches, will be devoted to explore different avenues aimed at bringing disciplines together. Scientist of various fields will explore the reliability and limits of transdisciplinary strategies, as systems science, generalised ethnography, science of information, network theory, cybernetics, etc. At the same time, glossaLAB platform shall offer a meeting point to clarify together how these strategies work, succeed or fail; how they can be complemented, and finally to observe in a bird’s eye view how well knowledge is integrated. The seminar will also offer the opportunity to show the state of development of the project and how the collaboration into its different areas can be articulated and effected.

The workshop will be held in three different Spanish locations: León, Villalba and Madrid, as indicated in the timetable attached. See venues.

Updated timetable

At the sametime the workshop will be held online, enabling interactive participation. Please register to receive access information.

Invitation to elucidate your concepts in glossaLAB

A fundamental factor of transdisciplinarity is creating an understanding of the key concepts we are using throughout the boundaries of the disciplines at stake, for which glossaLAB is specifically devoted. We can simply use the common word "system", "network", "interdisciplinarity"... and believe everybody is understanding, or we can leave it clear to overcome misunderstandings.

The elucidation activity will be specially monitored and guided between May. 23rd and May. 31st, though it will remain open for further editing afterwards. Go to elucidation activity